What's Wrong With Scotland?

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What's Wrong With Scotland? was a ten-part series of talks on the BBC's Scottish radio stations broadcast over October and November 1929. Designed as a follow-up to the series, Scotland To-Day, in which almost every field of contemporary Scottish activity was surveyed by a expert, ten well-known Scotsmen were invited to offer their remedies. Five of the speakers were Scots who had left their country to find greater scope in London, and five of them were Scots who had stayed at home.

  1. George Malcolm Thomson, 'If I Were Dictator of Scotland', 19 October 1929.
  2. Will Y Darling, 'What Scotland Wants is Scotsmen', 22 October 1929.
  3. Donald Carswell, 'Scotland Has Failed in the Art of Living', 29 October 1929.
  4. Dr Forgan MP, 'We Must Learn the Art of Keeping Alive', 2 November 1929.
  5. Compton Mackenzie, 'Are there Two Nations in Scotland?', 5 November 1929.
  6. Mr E. Rosslyn Mitchell, 'I Must Take up the Challenge', 12 November 1929.
  7. Major Walter Elliot MP, 'We Need Science, Education, Tradition', 19 November 1929.
  8. Tom Johnston MP, 'Come to Scotland', 23 November 1929.
  9. Robert Boothby MP, 'The Economic Regeneration of Scotland', 26 November 1929.
  10. Dr James Devon, 'Scotland Yet', 30 November 1929.

Following on from this series, in the same timeslot, there were further talks about state of Scotland: