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Velvet Soup was a BBC Scotland television comedy sketch show, starring Gavin Mitchell, Steven McNicoll, Julia Duncanson and Mark McDonnell.

The show made its nationally networked debut on BBC2 on Sunday, 1 July 2001, at 10.15pm, thereafter running for a further five weeks.

Its main writers, Glaswegians Ian Connell and Robert Florence, had previously written for a number of BBC Scotland comedy programmes. On the comedy sketch show Chewin' the Fat, they providing Karen Dunbar's sexually-repressed schoolteacher, a character that was spun-off into her own half-hour BBC Scotland sitcom. They also wrote for BBC Radio Scotland's weekly satire show Watson's Wind-Up.

The cast also provided material, alongside writers Neil Harrison, Paul Marshall, Rab Christie, and Noddy Davidson.

Ahead of the launch of the show, Florence told the Glasgow Herald:

Writing for Velvet Soup is enjoyable in that you get to take chances — for instance, we got to write one sketch that was a very detailed fifties musical. Chewin' the Fat is great because there are returning characters. Velvet Soup is great because there are very few returning characters.[1]

Theme music

Velvet Soup's theme music was provided by assorted members of Belle and Sebastian under a hygienic pseudonym, The Gentleman's Wash.