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Stramash! was a BBC Scotland pop music programme which was broadcast on the BBC1 network in 13 weekly editions from 4 October 1965 to 3 January 1966, and then in Scotland only for a further six weeks.

Billed as 'The Big Noise from Glasgow', it featured Scottish acts alongside those from the the rest of the UK. It was considered to be 'faster' than other pop shows at the time because there was no compere. This made it possible to get through 14 songs in less than half an hour. According to the producer David Bell:

You can click into Stramash at any time and get full value out of the programme, because the viewer who has just switched on is at no disadvantage. What we've always been after is pace. People to-today are so familiar with television that it's not longer necessary to have identifying shots for every change made. It's possible to switch about from one act to another without a laborious introduction at one end and a thank-you speech at the other.[1]

Production team

David Bell was the producer. Ten years prior he was ending his training as a textile designer at his home in Selkirk. They day he finished training, he quiet and became a trainee cameraman with STV "in the days when they were taking cameramen off the streets". He progressed through a floor manaager's job to be director of a programme which went through a number of directors, the One O'Clock Gang. When BBC2 opened Bell moved to London to work on various music shows, directing Juke Box Jury for a while.


The debut programme, at 6.30pm on Monday 4 October 1965, featured Lulu and the Luvvers, The New Faces and Peter Cooke.[2]


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