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Sir Hector Hetherington, who was best-known as the Principal of Glasgow University, was also the first chairman of the BBC Scottish Advisory Council, serving from 1946–1951.

Early life

A native of Cowdenbeath, Hetherington was educated at Dollar Academy and at Glasgow and Oxford Universities.


His first post was as a lecturer in Moral Philosophy at Glasgow University.

He later became a Vice-Chancellor of Liverpool University.

He was a member of the Royal Commission on Unemployment Insurance from 1930 to 1932, and chairman of the Royal Commission on Workmen's Compensation and of various other departmental committees.

He was appointed Principal of Glasgow University in 1936, and was knighted in the same year.

He was a life trustee of the Carnegie UK Trust, chairman of the Leverhulme Research Fellowship Scheme, and managing trustee of the Nuffield Foundation.[1]

Chairman, BBC Scottish Advisory Council

At the age of 58, Hetherington was appointed chairman of the new BBC Scottish Advisory Council in 1946.

When the BBC's General Advisory Council was reconstituted in 1947, the chairmen of all the Regional Advisory Councils became ex officio members. But when Sir Hector Hetherington intimated that he would be unable to attend many of these London meetings, the BBC Board of Governors accepted his recommendation that fellow Council member Dr J. R. Peddie be appointed as vice-chairman to do so.[2]


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