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Munich Crisis

In the wake of the 'Munich Crisis', many programmes had to cancelled at short notice. On Wednesday 28 September, the Regional stations were interrupted for an hour-and-a-half, from 8.15 to 9.45, for the transmission of news in foreign languages. That same night it was announced that, because of the importance of broadcasting official statements, news bulletins and foreign broadcasts, the BBC would radiate a single Regional Programme on weekdays until further notice (with local additions as necessary). It would be another seven days until the Scottish Regional Programme returned.[1]


The Scottish Regional Programme closed down for the final time with the advent of the Second World War. From 8.15 pm on 1 September 1939, it was replaced on the same wavelength (391.1m) by a new, unified Home Service broadcast from London without any Regional opt-outs. This situation persisted until the end of the war, when on Sunday 29 July 1945, the new Scottish Home Service went on-air for the first time.


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