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Scottish Magazine was a monthly topical magazine programme on the BBC Home Service, covering sport, music, food and news events.

Scottish Magazine began on 4 February 1941 as a "monthly review of topicalities and personalities"on the BBC Home Service, occupying the weekly Scottish Half-Hour sequence on the first Tuesday of each month. Regular features included the 'sports page' from Rex Kingsley; 'An historian views the news' by Professor J. D. Mackie; 'Poet's Corner'; and Rae Elrick's topical song.[1]

From April 1942, Scottish Magazine was a monthly programme in its own right.

Final programme

The final programme in the series was broadcast on the BBC World Service on 2 April 1966 and was introduced by Jack Inglis. Thereafter the programme continued under the name Scotland Today.


Some extracts from Scottish Magazine are available from 1943–1952, and six full programmes between 1953–1979.


  1. 'Ray Elrick' was a pseudonym of Archibald Hyslop for writing comic plays for BBC radio and songs for the comedian Harry Gordon.