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Naming convention

In the summer of 1945, the post-war Regional Coordinating Committee recommended that the Home Service components should be given the following titles:

  • BBC Home Service (London)
  • Midland Home Service
  • North of England Home Service
  • Northern Ireland Home Service
  • Scottish Home Service
  • Welsh Home Service
  • West of England Home Service

These titles were to be used by the individual Regions when initiating their own programmes or when supplying them to other Regions or to London. It was also agreed, however, that when the BBC Home Service supplied a programme which was simultaneously broadcast to any Region, the programme should be announced "The BBC Home Service", the greater including the less. And when the BBC Home Service took a programme as a simultaneous broadcast from a Region, it was to be announced in regional terms, e.g. "This is the Midland Home Service", etc.[1]

Coverage and audience figures

The Scottish Home Service was available to 90% of the Scottish population. In the 1940s, this compared to 80% for the Light Programme and 50% for the Third Programme.[2]


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