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The Scottish Heritage series of programmes for schools on the BBC Home Service, which ran from 23 January 1942 until, at least, 2 July 1964.

According to the BBC Handbook 1944, 'in it Scottish pupils were encouraged to take a lively interest in the varied inheritance of their own country — in history and legend, song and battle, and the work and life of today'.[1]

In 1944, in an otherwise critical report of the BBC, members of the Saltire Society singled out Scottish Heritage for praise, describing it as "full of enterprise and imagination".[2]

As part of an increased provision for Scottish schools broadcasts in 1946, a Scottish Heritage II series helped children to 'understand the economic and social problems of their country, and to appreciate their inheritance in music, literature, science, art, and politics'.[3]

The BBC Genome project lists all the editions of the programme.

The budget for the programme in 1952 was £1,792.

From 1949, it was joined by other series which explained Scotland's history, industry and contemporary problems, including: Exploring Scotland, This is my Country and Scottish Affairs.


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