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Scotland in Parliament was a monthly review of business in the Houses of Parliament relating to Scotland. Each edition was presented by a serving MP.

The first run of the series, on the BBC's Scottish Regional Programme, was short-lived, beginning in January 1939 and ending in July of that year, shortly before Britain entered the Second World War. The MPs who presented these first eight programmes were: the Scottish Secretary, John Colville (Liberal); Lord Dunglass (Alec Douglas-Home) (Unionist); Thomas Johnston (Labour); Florence Horsbrugh (Unionist); Campbell Stephen (Independent Labour); Sir Robert W. Smith (Unionist); Allan Chapman (Unionist); and Joseph Westwood (Labour).

The programme returned from May 1947 and continued until at least August 1965 (possibly beyond).


Only two programmes from the series survive in the BBC archives:

  • 19 December 1957: Discussion between Rt. Hon Walter Elliot and Joseph Grimond. This was Elliot's last broadcast before his death. The programme discussed the place of Scotland in the world today. Interviewer: J. Campbell Fraser.
  • 27 March 1964: A discussion of the political scene and events in Scotland between Commander C.E. Donaldson, MP, and James Hoy MP. Chairman: J. Campbell Fraser.