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Scotland To-day was a series of talks by eminent Scotsman on various fields of national activity broadcast on the BBC's Scottish stations from November 1928 to March 1929.

List of programmes

The talks were broadcast fortnightly on Tuesday evenings as follows:

  1. 'Scottish Politics to-day', R. J. Boothby MP, 13 November 1928.
  2. 'The Press', Thomas Johnston MP, 27 November 1928.
  3. 'Music', F. H. Bisset, 11 December 1928.
  4. 'Scottish Humour', A. Muir Burn, ??. Burn was a pseudonym hiding the identity of a member of the Scottish Bar.
  5. 'Agriculture', Sir Robert Greig, 15 January 1929.
  6. 'Youth', Major Malcolm Spier, 28 January 1929. Spier was one of the most prominent figures in the Boy Scout Movement in Glasgow and Assistant Commissioner for Rovers in Scotland.
  7. 'The Church', William Power, 12 February 1929. Power was editor of The Scots Observer since its foundation in 1928.
  8. 'Rural Life', Joseph Duncan, 26 February 1929. Duncan was secretary of the Scottish Farm Servants' Union and editor of The Scottish Farm Servant. He was also president of the Scottish Workers' Educational Association and a Labour parliamentary candidate.
  9. 'Literature', Neil Gunn, 12 March 1929.