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Reporting Scotland is BBC Scotland's national television news programme. The programme first aired on 1 April 1968, with three main presenters - the best known being Mary Marquis. It is the only Scottish national news programme in the English language on air, with commercial broadcaster STV providing regional news services for the North of Scotland (including an opt-out for Tayside) and the West and East of Central Scotland. ITV Border's news service is shown in southern Scotland and Cumbria.

1992 relaunch

A new format, set, music, and graphics were introduced on Monday 5 October 1992.

The programme moved to a single anchor format with Eddie Mair and Jackie Bird presenting on alternate evenings four days a week, working a day shift between 0900 and 1900. Alan Douglas presented one day a week in addition to standing in for the two main presenters as required.

For the launch, Brenda Paterson presented the shorter 1255, 1555, and 2128 bulletins, with Alan Douglas presenting the same on the day he presented the main Reporting Scotland programme. Sally McNair initially presenting the breakfast/morning bulletins from 0700–1200, but after an initial period she alternated shift patterns with Paterson.

A new addition to the format was the introduction of a weather presenter. Vanessa Collingridge introduced a nightly two-minute forecast making use of the latest computer technology to bring satellite information to the screen. The computer graphics came direct from the Met Office, freeing-up BBC Scotland's in-house graphics team which had hitherto made-up the weather captions.

Another change was the introduction of satellite technology to allow the programme to go live to any part of Scotland. This allowed the programme to feed stories, conduct live interviews, and to have reporters and correspondents introduce their own stories from where the news was happening. A special on-screen 'live' aston was introduced.

The redesigned set offered new and improved camera angles which allowed for up to two live guests in the studio.

Format and presenters

5 October 1992: Single-anchor format: Jackie Bird and Eddie Mair on alternate evenings.

18 June 2001: Twin-anchor format, Jackie Bird and Sally Magnusson are joined by new presenter David Robertson.

22 September 2008: Single-anchor format: Jackie Bird (Mon-Wed); Sally Magnusson (Thu-Fri)

Presenter list

  • Jackie Bird, 1989—present
  • Mary Marquis, 1968—1988
  • Allan Robb, 1993—1994
  • David Robertson, 2001—2008