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Peter Keith Murray (usually abbreviated to P. I. Keith Murray) was director of the BBC's outside broadcasts in Scotland.

Early life

According to author Pat Walker, Keith Murray allegedly ran away from Harrow at 16 to work as a mining engineer in South Wales, then to India where he worked for a time as a journalist on a Calcutta newspaper before joining the BBC in Scotland in 1934.

His mind ran particularly to inventions and he had an alternative TV system to both the Baird and the EMI before any decisions were taken about either of them.

BBC career

One of his programmes, in a series called Inside Information, had him at a high pitch of complexity. It was a triumph of technical pluggery and skill with almost as many sources as there were minutes in the programme. A few days after the broadcast, a postcard from a listener arrived on his desk. It said, quite simply, "By all means have your fun, but give the listener a chance." [1]

With the advent of the Second World War he took up the position of Assistant Programme Director, in place of Gordon Gildard. He was In charge of the Topicality organisation, and worked closely with Programme Director Andrew Stewart.[2]


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