North of the Tweed

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North of the Tweed was a monthly talk on the BBC Home Service which, between May 1940 and June 1945, described to listeners across Britain the most important and interesting things that had been happening in Scotland during the Second World War. It was presented by the novelist, journalist and broadcaster George Blake.


The programme was 15-minutes long and was broadcast on the last Wednesday of each month at 22:30. The December edition was always titled The Year in Scotland and took a look back at the previous twelve months.

From March 1944 the programme moved to 13:15 on a Tuesday afternoon. It continued in this slot until June 1945, the last month before the unified Home Service was replaced by the new Scottish Home Service.

Deputy presenters

Ian Finlay, the journalist, art critic and broadcaster, presented the programme from January to March 1942, and again in May 1945.

A. D. Mackie presented one edition in June 1943.

And A. S. Wallace, the Scottish correspondent of The Observer, presented in February, April and June 1945, the latter being the final edition of the programme.


No known recordings of North of the Tweed survive in the BBC archives.