New Lamps for Old

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New Lamps for Old was a series of talks on matters of national interest broadcast on the BBC's Scottish stations between October 1930 and February 1931. It was originally envisaged as a nine-part series, but three additional programmes were later added.


The series, which was broadcast on Tuesday evenings, usually from 19:00 to 19:20, followed on from the success of the What's Wrong with Scotland? talks which were hailed as marking "an epoch in Scottish broadcasting". The Falkirk Herald said:

Each of these talks will be given by a leading figure in his own particular field, and as the speakers are being allowed practically unrestricted scope for the expression, not only of their views on the changes which are taking place, but also of their opinions on the developments which ought to be fostered, the individual talks are sure to be extremely interesting, and probably fairly controversial, while the whole series promises to be thoroughly stimulating in its effect.[1]

List of programmes

  1. Scottish Letters, by Mr George Blake, Glasgow programme, 7 October 1930;
  2. Art, by Mr Stanley Cursitor, from Edinburgh, 14 October 1930;
  3. Music, by Mr Ian Whyte, from Aberdeen, 21 October 1930;
  4. The Universities, by Mr George Malcolm Thomson, from Glasgow, 28 October 1930;
  5. The Schools, by Mr A. S. Neill, from Glasgow, 4 November 1930;
  6. The Drama, by Mr Robins Millar, from Glasgow, 11 November 1930;
  7. The Church, by Rev David McQueen, from Glasgow, 18 November 1930;
  8. Roads and Transport, by J. Inglis Kerr, 25 November 1930;
  9. The Mobilisation of National Power, by Will Y. Darling, from Edinburgh, 2 December 1930;
  10. Scottish Agriculture, by Joseph F. Duncan, from Glasgow, 6 January 1931;
  11. Government, by Mr Compton Mackenzie, from Glasgow, 3 February 1931;
  12. Scottish Speech, by Mr D. Wilson MacArthur, from Glasgow, 10 February 1931.