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Andrew Martyn C. Webster (born 30 October 1902, Glasgow, died 1983) was a BBC drama producer and announcer.


Martyn Webster was the son of Alfred Webster, the Glasgow stained glass artist, and his wife, Maude Cochrane. His other brothers were Gordon Webster, also a stained glass artist, and Comyn Webster,


He joined the BBC's Glasgow station, 5SC, on 11 September 1926 as a dramatic producer and announcer, as well as performing as 'Uncle Martyn' on Children's Corner

At that point he was the chief announcer, though by 1928 he shared announcing duties with Rex Kingsley.

The then Northern Area Director, David Cleghorn Thomson, desired him as having "a slightly Highland accent".[1]

He is responsible for starting the 'Radioptimists', the BBC's Scottish concert party. As well as leading it, he was well-known to listeners for appearing in it as "Gerald Martin".

By 1929, his duties also included dramatic effects, SOS messages and liaison with external dramatic organisations.[2]

In 1930 he was one of the staff who moved across to the new headquarters at Scottish Broadcasting House in Edinburgh.

For six months he ran the Scottish Children's Hour.

In London, in 1932, he produced the first light show for the Empire Programme.

In 1933 he transferred to the Midland Region in Birmingham as drama producer/variety assistant, where he was in charge on many notable productions. These included the Melluish burlesques, the 'Paul Temple' thrillers, 'At the Langley's' and many musical comedies. He also revived the Radioptimists in Birmingham.[3]

In 1943 he transferred to London to become one of the BBC's drama producers at head office.[4]

On 28 October 1967, Webster produced his last Saturday Night Theatre before he retired from the BBC.[5]

He died in 1983 (Jan-Mar) in the Camden area of London.


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