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James Hunter was head of television at BBC Scotland from 1982 to 1991.

The Visit

In 1989, producer Desmond Wilcox, creator of the award-winning television series The Visit, said that he had been dismissed by BBC Scotland and accused James Hunter of attempting to rebuild Hadrian's Wall. 'It appears that unless you are Beethoven or centre forward for Aberdeen Football Club you are no longer quoted, he said with passing reference to two of Mr Hunter's known passions, music and football. The 'Aberdeen Mafia' was an oft-used expression in the power corridors at BBC Scotland.

It was reported that increasing demands by Scottish-based independent producers were believed to be involved in the departure of Mr Wilcox. The Government had decreed that 25 per cent of production should go independent companies, and it was expected that such work would be farmed out locally.[1]


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