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James Crampsey was a BBC producer in Scotland, and the uncle of the rugby commentator Bob Crampsey.

A graduate of Glasgow University, he taught in schools in Falkirk and Glasgow.

He became a regular broadcaster in 1940.

In September 1945 he was appointed programme assistant in schools broadcasting.

In July 1947 he was appointed drama producer.[1]

In 1952, he was responsible for adapting and producing for television James Bridie's play The Black Eye from Glasgow's Citizens' Theatre.

After the war he was part of the production team of Sportsreel, alongside figures such as Eddie Fraser, Archie P Lee and Peter Thomson.

Broadcaster Archie Macpherson described meeting him at Queen Margaret Drive in the mid-1960s:

He was exactly as I imagined a BBC producer would be. A middle-aged man, slightly greying at the temples, of dignified bearing and a velvety baritone voice, all of which made him seem so venerable and properly Reithian.[2]


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