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Hogmanay Night was simulcast from Aberdeen to all Scottish stations from 21:35 to 22:30. Styled as a 'Peep into the Future', it imagined a near future in which two Scots exiled abroad are able to listen-in to the Hogmanay broadcasts on the forthcoming Empire Service. And so the normal musical programme was interspersed with the remarks of two characters. Music was provided by: William Anderson (bass), Margaret Stephen (soprano), Alex Nicol (violin) and the Aberdeen Station Octet.[1]

From 10:30-23:00, the Aberdeen station broadcast Al Leslie and his orchestra, relayed from the 'New Palais' de Danse, Aberdeen. Glasgow listeners took the London programme of dance music.

Then from 23:00, all Scottish stations relayed the Watch Night Service from York Minster in North Yorkshire — a solemn thanksgiving for the 1300th Anniversary of York Minister.


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