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Highways and Byways was a series of Sunday afternoon feature programmes highlighting occupations of people not normally heard about. It ran fortnightly from 10 May to September 1936.

On May 24 Mr. R.F. Dunnett will offer interviews with a shopkeeper, a welfare worker, and parents resident in a housing area. On subsequent dates the subjects will be an orphanage, seaside missions, a summer camp, tinkers, and berry-pickers, children's holiday homes, camps for the unemployed, and the herring fishing.

Programme list

  1. 'Life in the Lodging Houses', 10 May 1936, 17:30–17:45: R.F. Dunnett will interview some of the 'regulars' from East Campbell Street Lodging House Mission, Glasgow.
  2. 'Housing', 24 May 1936, 16:30–16:45: R .F. Dunnett will interview those who live and work in one of our new housing areas.
  3. 'Land Work', 7 Jun 1936, 16:15–16:30: R .F. Dunnett will interview the manager and some of the workers at Cornton Vale Training Farm who are being trained for land work.
  4. 'Social Work in Dundee', 21 Jun 1936, 16:30–16:45: R .F. Dunnett will interview a worker in a labour home, the superintendent of a working lads' home and a resident in a hostel run for business girls.
  5. 'Children's Holiday Homes', 5 Jul 1936, 17:15–17:30: Interviews by R .F. Dunnett with some of those who are enjoying a holiday in the homes at Linn Moor.
  6. 'Glasgow Fair Holidaymakers', 19 July 1936, 17:05–17:20: R .F. Dunnett will interview holidaymakers at the Meadowpark Hut-Owners' Association Camp, near Irvine.
  7. 'Berrypicking at Blairgowrie', 2 August 1936, 17:15–17:30: The microphone visits a fruit growing district at the height of the season, including interviews with pickers and others.
  8. 'Summer Seaside Mission', 23 August 1936, 17:30–17:45: The microphone visits Prestwick, where R .F. Dunnett will interview some of those who are interested in the Summer Seaside Mission. From the Pavilion at Prestwick.
  9. 'Glenfinart Instructional Centre', 30 August 1936, 16:30–16:45: Interviews by R .F. Dunnett with the manager and some of the men from the Ministry of Labour's centre in Argyll for the unemployed.