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Herbert Angus Carruthers was born 5 June 1891 at 20 Downfield Place, Edinburgh, to parents William Carruthers, a wood carver, and Kate Carruthers (nee. Padbury?).

He had a wide experience of concert work in Scotland, being the conductor of the Western Amateur Orchestral Society, Paisley Philharmonic Society, and for some time acted as chorus-master of the Beecham Opera Company during its season in Edinburgh. Before coming West, Carruthers acted as assistant organist of the Cathedral Church of St Mary's in Edinburgh.

Was the organist at Park Church, Glasgow. He stayed on in the church for a number of weeks after his appointment.

On 1 November 1923 he performed an organ recital at Westminster Cathedral, London, which was broadcast simultaneously from all BBC stations.

In February 1924 he was replaced as station director by David Millar Craig and continued on as the musical director of 5SC.

On Thursday 22 December 1927, Carruthers was one of three Scottish composers who were given the chance to conduct their own works as part of a local programme on 5SC. His choice was to conduct a 'variation' on an old Scots tune.[1]

He died in Ayr in 1969 at the age of 77.


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