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Gordon Gildard, formerly Lieut.-Commander, R.N.

Before joining the BBC in 1931 as Glasgow Representative, Gildard had several years' experience of broadcasting as a member of the Radioptimists Concert Party, in which he played the part of comedian.[1]

In around 1932 he was appointed Productions Director in Glasgow, a kind of assistant role to Programme Director Andrew Stewart with responsibility for drama productions and casting.

Gildard was not working for the BBC in Scotland during the Second World War (presumably called up to serve?) and his position filled by Peter Keith Murray.[2]

When Andrew Stewart moved to Northern Ireland in 1948 to be Controller, Gildard succeeded him in Scotland, though with the new title Head of Scottish Programmes.


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Media offices
Preceded by
Andrew Stewart
Head of Scottish Programmes
Succeeded by
James Millar
as Head of Programmes, Scotland