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George Leslie Marshall
George Marshall-1936.jpg
Photographed for Ariel, June 1936
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Died 0 December 1900(1900-12-00) (aged 0) Template:Error Template:Error
Nationality Scottish
Education Merchiston Castle School
  • BBC 2EH station director
  • BBC 5SC station director

George Leslie Marshall, OBE, FRSA, (often abbreviated G. L. Marshall) was the first station director of the BBC's Edinburgh station, 2EH, from 1924 to 1926, then station director of the Glasgow station, 5SC


Marshall was privately educated at Edinburgh's Merchiston Castle School and was said to have a considerable knowledge of both wireless engineering and music.[1]

In early 1924, his childhood friend, the director-general, John Reith, offered him a choice of the directorship of either the Edinburgh or Cardiff stations, both of which were about to be opened. "As a Scot with a home in Edinburgh," he later recalled, "I decided to accept the former, for I was conversant with the history, topography, and institutions of the Scottish capital, and was widely acquainted with its aesthetic life, literary, musical, and so on, and therefore felt qualified to direct the new broadcasting service about to be launched." Marshall's decision was made in spite of the Edinburgh directorship attracting a lower salary on account of it being a 'relay' rather than a 'main' station.[2]

He joined the BBC on 1 April 1924[3] a few weeks ahead of the opening of the Edinburgh relay station, 2EH, on 1 May 1924.

He was transferred to the Glasgow station 5SC as station director in March 1926 and replaced in Edinburgh by Mr J.C.S. Macgregor.

He later became Northern Ireland Regional Director.


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