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Evva Kerr was a soprano and orangiser of both the Edinburgh and Scottish Children's Hour.

Early life

She was a pianist and singer, who had had a Kindergarten training.

BBC career

In April 1927, a reorganisation of the Scottish staff saw Nancy Shaw transferred to the Belfast station, being succeeded Evva Kerr from Belfast.

She conducted the Children's Hour as 'Aunt Evva'.

And by 1927 she was officially number two at the Edinburgh station. The Northern Area Director, David Cleghorn Thomson, wrote:

She is very capable and level-headed; and an excellent routine worker, fully capable of sustaining the responsibilities of the Station in the Director's absence. As an accompanist she has proved a tremendous improvement upon Munn, as also in her dealings with outside artists, etc. I think she has improved the Children's Hour at Edinburgh considerably already, and Miss Scott Moncrieff has a high opinion of her abilities in this connection.[1]

until the concentration of staff in Glasgow from 1 November 1928.

She planned out the programme more systematically, but with less variety than Miss Shaw.

From 1 November 1928, when the Regional Scheme first came into being in Scotland, Edinburgh's Children's Hour was merged into that of Glasgow's, a rather delicate task in view of the importance of not antagonising Edinburgh listeners through jealousy of the rival city. Miss Kerr and J.C.S. Macgregor, however, still continued their work in the Children's Hour, having been transferred to Glasgow when the reorganisation took place, so that they were not lost to Edinburgh listeners. They were responsible for the Hour on three nlghts a week, with Kathleen Garscadden organising the other three.

By 1930 she was Mrs Kerr.

In 1931 there were suggestions that Kerr was not happy in her position and she was not getting on with David Cleghorn Thomson and Reith asked him to find out "whether she feels literally that she has no alternative between a transfer and resignation, as we have been given ato understand?"[2] Thomson believed that he was getting the blame, but the BBC's controller, Admiral Carpendale wrote that "Mr Macgregor's and Miss Kerr's attitudes are directly and almost wholly due to their own indiscretions".[3]


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