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Eric William Masson Heddle, MA (Hons), BSc
Born (1895-05-13)13 May 1895
Died 0 September 1958(1958-09-00) (aged 63) Template:Error
Nationality Scottish
Alma mater Glasgow University
  • Teacher, Glasgow Technical College
  • BBC Dundee station director
  • William Heddle
  • Annie Hector

Eric Heddle was the first and only station director of the BBC's Dundee radio station, 2DE, from 1924 until 1928?

Early life

Was born to William Heddle, a teacher, and Annie Hector, who were married in Aberdeen in July 1894.

He had a distinguished academic career, graduating with honours MA and BSc at Glasgow University.

He became a lecturer in physics in Glasgow.

He moved to Hamilton.

Station Director, 2DE Dundee

His assistant, Rex Kingsley, described Heddle as "a remarkably fine type of intellectual".[1]

Post-BBC career

After leaving the BBC, Heddle was appointed lecturer in physics at at Leicester Municipal College.[2]


He died in Ilford, East London in September 1958 at the age of 63.


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