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When the Edinburgh International Festival of Music and Drama was established in 1947 in a post-war effort to "provide a platform for the flowering of the human spirit", the BBC was quick to lend its support.

At a press conference on 28 July 1947, the BBC's Scottish Director, Melville Dinwiddie, announced that the Corporation would be broadcasting from the Festival, not only to the whole of the UK but further afield. There would be 24 broadcasts for Home Service programmes, seven for the Third Programme, and 13 for Overseas. They expected to send 45 different broadcasts to various European countries, in response to requests from their European service and in co-operation with the broadcasting systems in the countries concerned. It was also hoped to arrange for some of the principals to come to the microphone while they were in Edinburgh.[1]

The announcement was praised in the Scotsman newspaper's leader column the following day, congratulating the BBC "on realising that in the Edinburgh International Festival of Music and Drama they "have a ready source of the finest broadcasting material".[2]


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