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Donald Munro (D.H. Munro)

BBC career

He joined the BBC's Aberdeen station, 2BD, on 18 March 1926.[1]

In 1929 he transferred to London to look after Effects, and in 1933 became director of studio administration, which meant that he was responsible for for the centralisation of studio management at the newly-opened Broadcasting House.

He was then productions manager in the television department, responsible for looking after assistant productions managers, scenic designers, studio managers, announcers, make-up assistants, property master, storekeeper and scene assistants.

He was described in the BBC's staff magazine, Ariel, in April 1927:

Munro's round jolly face, decorated with horn-rimmed glasses, is clear evidence of a tremendous sense of humour. With it is a simply terrific capacity for hard work and the ability not only to do half-a-dozen things at once, but to do them, apparently, in different places. If you make a tour of Alexandra Palace you are likely to bump into him round every corner, so completely does he pervade the place; and there'll be a fresh joke on his lips every time.[2]


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