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Building Scotland was a six-part series of talks on progressive architecture broadcast on the BBC's Scottish stations between April and June 1931.

List of programmes

The programmes were broadcast fortnightly on Wednesday evenings from 19:00 to 19:25:

  1. 'The Changing Face of the Capital', Mrs T. B. Whitson (the Lady Provost of Edinburgh), from Edinburgh, 15 April 1931.
  2. 'The Present Opportunity in our Cities', Mr C. d'O. Pilkington Jackson, 29 April 1931: "Mr Pilkington Jackson has travelled much in Scandinavia, and in this broadcast talk he will compare our present opportunity in Scottish cities with the magnificent way in which the town of Stockholm and other cities of the north have taken the opportunity which was given to them a few years ago".[1]
  3. 'Churches New and Old', Mr F. C. Mears, 13 May 1931. The well-known Edinburgh architect on how he supports the idea of using Scotland's famous churches, and not shelving them as museum pieces.[2]
  4. 'The Opportunity in the Country', Mr Gilbert Ogilvie, 27 May 1931. The preservation of beautiful surroundings in rural areas is a problem which is no less acute than it is in the town, and Mr Ogilvie has many valuable suggestions to offer in his broadcast talk.[3]
  5. 'Traditional Architecture', Mr Ian Gordon Lindsay, 10 June 1931. The Scottish journalist, author of the book 'Scottish Cathedrals', deals with the remarkable link there is in the old Scottish architecture, with its straight lines and unornamented white fronts, and the direct and clean effects of the modern architecture.[4]
  6. 'A Summing Up', Mr Robert Hurd, 24 June 1931. Mr Hurd, a young architect of promise now working in Mr F. C. Mears' office in Edinburgh, has a remarkable knowledge of Scottish architecture for his years, and besides summing-up the results in this broadcast series, he will give his own views as regards the future of building in Scotland.[5]


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