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Alex Swinton Paterson joined the BBC on 1 July 1923[1] as one of the first assistants at the Glasgow station, 5SC.

Reith described him as "slow of thought and deed, but that is mainly the result of having been gassed in the War". This made Paterson suitable only for routine jobs. However, he was a victim of the 1929 staff cuts at 5SC implemented by the Scottish Regional Director, David Cleghorn Thomson, as part of the policy of regionalisation. Paterson then moved to London to take up a position as Secretary to the BBC social club at head office.[2]

Anxious to return to Scotland, he filled in for Moultrie Kelsall as Aberdeen Representative in 1933 and went on take charge of Programme Routine in Edinburgh, serving as assistant to the Scottish Executive, James Cameron.[3] He became full-time Aberdeen Representative when Kelsall moved to join Television in London in early 1937.

Alex Swinton Paterson left the BBC in 1959. The then Scottish Controller, Andrew Stewart, held a farewell lunch for him in Aberdeen at which the Lord Provost spoke.[4]


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