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A Quick Look Round was a Scottish news magazine programme which ran on BBC 1 Scotland from 28 September 1964 until 29 March 1968, after which it was replaced by Reporting Scotland.


The programme was presented by Mary Marquis. Fill-in presenters included the actress Clemence Bettany (summer 1965) and Iain Rae Hutchinson (1965).


A succession of TV critics for the Evening Times believed the BBC's offering was not as good as its rivals. Writing in July 1965, Bob Millar said that the programme had "improved beyond recognition", but that it still lacked the popular appeal of STV's weekly news magazine programme Here and Now.[1] The following year, Bob Addison concluded the programme was "just a bit too quick" compared with Here and Now — "no sooner has an interview started when it's finished". He went on: "I find that Bill Tennant's team seem to get more out of their interviews than Mary Marquis's lot. I wonder why? Could it be professionals (STV) against amateurs (BBC)?"[2] After a week of watching its Manchester counterpart, The North at Six, while on holiday, he reported that "the Scottish programme is indeed a poor, poor cousin. It doesn't have the same flow, the same air of authority [...] The interviews last night were stilted, and the interviewers in two cases didn't appear to have done their homework."[3] Joe McKenzie, meanwhile, thought that STV's Today Is..., presented by John Toye, was "wider in scope".[4]


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